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Friday, 21 December 2012 @ 15:50
Genting Highlands
Hi hi here again ;) Went to Genting Highlands at Saturday 8/12/2012. Unfortunately, our car broke down on the half way to Genting. So we have to call the tow truck to tow our car down to the Garage. Waited at there nearly three hours and finally the tow truck came.

Say goodbye to our car and went to Genting by bus .

The bus were uncomfortable and shaking but we found it actually quite fun x)). After check in the First World Hotel, we rush to take our dinner at Old Town because all of us were too hungry already. (We din't take our lunch /_\ )

My favourite Polo Bun :D.

Enjoy playing laptop and seeing show at our hotel's room in the night time.

The next day, 9/12/2012. Wore the baseball shirt. The awkward moment when you realize that many people wear the same shirt as you did =0= The percentage that I meet someone include boys that wear the baseball shirt is almost 10%. Have many boyfriends and girlfriends suddenly hahahaha. 

Decided have fun at the Genting Outdoor Theme Park so we bought the express ticket to enjoy the games without queue up once ;P. Target of the day:
PLAY ALL THE GAME ! Yahooooooo let's start!

 Spot me !
 Small elephant ;P

There are cosplay show at there too. I love it !

 She is soooooooo cute.

Jack Frost !!
 Left hand side is 九尾虎 XDD
 Capture his tail. So weird lol xD

 I want present ! ;P
They are dancing Oppa Gangnam Style lol hahahahah.

Random photos here ;)
 Four of us ;D


Look so white ! 

Unluckily, it's rain at the afternoon ;( We forced to stop having fun at the theme park and take a rest at Starbucks Coffee.

The rain din't stop after the drink. So we had to go back to our hotel's room and play cards Big Two while waiting for the rain to stop. When the rain stopped (around 8.40p.m.), we went to theme park again. Xinyi din't follow us because she was freezing outside the theme park so she went to shopping. Left we three continue having fun at the theme park ;( Hahahaha.
Just we two . xD
 On the stage xoxo.
Snow man. 
 Same pattern -.-
 Jack Frost again hahaha !
The view:

Failed to reach our target ;( We din't have chance to play Sungai Rejang and Spiderman. Sad case /.\ Around 10.30p.m., we back to our hotel and continue played our Big Two. I also have Twisties as my supper. Yummy yummy ^0^

That's all. Thanks for view and kindly click my nuffnang before close x)) 传说中的Doomsday left 10 minutes only. Let's see what will happen! Byebye.