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Saturday, 29 December 2012 @ 06:30
16th KRS Training camp
Training camp passed a few days ago ;) I was one of the photographer in the camp hehe. Borrow the camera from my cousin, Jia Yi . Captured many photos and upload to Hillary's facebook album already. Here is it, 16th KRS trainning camp (Click it !). Used a long time to upload and when it finally completed upload, I feel damn excited and relax because my duty was finished and I am free now -_-

Let's talk about the camp. Can't wake up at the first day but luckily my friend, Tianni phone my house number to wake me up. It's really shocked me and also success to inspired me hahaha. I used only 15 minutes to bath, wear uniform, eat breakfast and wear the boots! ;P (For me, it is faster than before very much lahh) 

The schedule of the First day -- Marching competition → Open ceremony → Gathering → Game Station → Free Run → Home.

I was so tired and slept at 9:45p.m. at night ! Kept walking whole day to capture camp's photos make my leg's muscle pain on the next day ;( But still need keep walking to capture more photos for the second day ToT Tianni called me in the early morning on the next day because she worried that I couldn't get up again. So sad she din't trust me anymore T_T (Okay I am too hyperbola hahaha)

The schedule of the Second day -- Physical test → Run Station → Treasure Hunt → Water game → Close ceremony → Home.
member fall in ._.  

AJK's girl room 一塌糊涂 =X [ 被我拍下来了 *shy shy* ]

Decided capture photo of each of the AJK on the morning of the second day but forgotten. Just remember to capture members lol. Really have fun in Treasure hunt and water game. But the sadness was so little time to play the water game. No enough time at all ToT Teehee after the close ceremony, a group photo of AJKs.

A memorable camp. Regretted for not hearing someone's opinion that call me to stand on the stool. He said I am too short and will be blocked from the person who sat in front of me ,but I ignored him because I thought I am not that short -.- So sorry that I really be blocked T_T

Hahaha that's all. I din't upload photos about the camp here except the photos of me. So if you are interested in our Chung Ling Butterworth 16th KRS training camp, please click here to see the photos ;) Last, kindly click my nuffnang thanks you.