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Tuesday, 20 May 2014 @ 12:00
Sime Darby Phone Interview's Questions
Had a Sime Darby phone interview on 25/4/2014. And now I thinking to share with you all some Sime Darby phone interview's questions because when I knew I was going to have a Sime Darby phone interview call, I found the questions from internet and appreciated whoever shared the questions :D I also want others to appreciate me HAHAHAHAH.

Q1 : Tell me about yourself ?

Q2 : How to attract tourists to Malaysia? 

Q3 : What are your SPM challenges? 

Q4 : What are your hobbies? 

Q5 : How have you contributed to your nation after working? 

Q6 : What do you think the world should be more like?

Q7 :If you are a group leader and a team member didn't turn up for work at all. However she is popular and another group wanted her to join their group, what would you do? 

Q8 : If you can change someone's mind, how would you change it?

Pss: That's what I remembered :D
Psssss: Someone said her Sime Darby phone interview just have 3 questions same with mine :)

Fill in the answers yourself because I am not going to share my silly answers with you (too siao sui) although I passed the interview with my broken English heheheheh :/ And I don't think I want to continue the next round of interview because it is just too troublesome =X

That's all :D Will update soon. Stay tuned.