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Wednesday, 9 January 2013 @ 21:11
Apple iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S3
Facing a big problem about choosing what phone for myself after losing my s3 lol. Considered about whether buying back a new s3 or getting a new Iphone 4s. Iphone 4s looks so beautiful and its size is suitable for me but I don't like the home button so much. I heard that it is easy to be spoilt when you touch it with a wet hand (my hand is usually wet ToT). Although I knew that is a way to fix it by using the AssistiveTouch, but I'm still a bit worry. Pss: for those Iphone users that your home button is not functioning well, you can enable the on-screen home button through Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> AssistiveTouch.

Here is the comparison between Samsung Galaxy s3 and iPhone 4s.

More information you can search using Google ! Hahaha. Besides, that one of the weaknesses of Iphone is that you can't bluetooth to other phones. It's quite troublesome to me especially when I need to send photos to my friends (most of them are not Iphone users) D; However nowadays people can also send photos through Line, Watapps, Wechat and other social networks. Pss: I still feel it troublesome lah if photos are too many leh hehe.

How about Samsung Galaxy s3 ? I think it's very nice for me because I almost can't find its weaknesses except that it drains the battery quickly. I need to charge it everyday TT There is also another weakness for teenager like me who like Emoji ! You can't use the Emoji in Instagram and Twitter D; (I might be wrong but I think it can only be used in Iphone.)

It's Emoji ;)

The quality of the photos captured on the front and back camera of s3 is clear and striking. I'm satisfied with the camera. Games are free and plentiful to download too hahaha. So I think Samsung Galaxy s3 is more suitable for me although its size is too big and my hand is small but finally I also make the choice of buying back a new s3! Ermm I am using it again and till now I still feel it's nice haha. I am not saying Iphone is a bad choice lah but it is just not suitable for me ;(

That's all. Quite busy after the school reopens till now. Don't know what I'm busy with actually haha =X Will try to update my blog often whenever I am free. Stay tune and do click my nuffnang before closing. Bye bye.