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Friday, 22 March 2013 @ 19:07
Ah Boys To Men 2

Hurayyyyyy 为了这天放学过后到sunway看戏去, we made a plan ! x)) First, we went back to yunni's house after school to take a bath ;) ( 当然顺便拍照呐哈哈 ) . After,we waited for Limay's mummy to come and fetch us to KFC, Raja Uda. And then, we had to wait for kit ming's mummy there to fetch us and finally we reached our destination, Sunway Carnival. 波折重重叻 XD

While waiting for Kit Ming, 我们叫了2盘cheesy wedges because he was too slow ! FAT DIE TT 

Oh I made a mistake =X Actually we didn't really the destination yet, we went for lunch at McDonald that near to Sunway. We walked to Sunway after that ;) And watched the movie, Ah Boys To Men 2 !

It's nice and very funny ♥ Keep laughing in the cinema hahahahhaa. Ermmm some part was touching too lah ;P Went to shopping before back ^0^
Had a nice day yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =P Just a short update hehe. Many grammar mistake horr? Whatever lah who care holiday liao hahahahhaah ! Click my nuffnang before close thanks you ;)