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Thursday, 4 April 2013 @ 21:35
Got A Haircut. (No More Long Fringe)
I Miss Being A Kid ♥

Holiday over ! ;O Feel so tired and busy nowadays. #IWantHoliday
Cut my hair on Tuesday ;) No more long fringe nowwww lololol. Many of my friends felt SUPER shocked after knew that I crop off my fringe. Some of them even 一时间 can't recognize me ! (我真的没有夸大! 真的很大的改变咯) Hmmmm I din 受到什么刺激啦 只是心血来潮罢了啦 ;P Look like form one now D= Also felt 心痛每当我看回holiday在KL拍的照片的时候 -.- 刘海难得这么长了 就是为了一时的冲动 lol. Will upload "after my the haircut" photos on the next post. Stay Tuned ;P Short update bye byeeee. Click my nuffnang before close thanks you ;D