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Thursday, 15 August 2013 @ 15:24
Gurney Paragon
Went to Gurney Paragon with family last Wednesday (7/8/2013). Gurney Paragon mall is considered as a new mall bah because it was launched on 23rd July 2013 recently ;/ But I didn't have much time to shop there because when we reached there it was quite late already lah D; And there are two man that weren't interested in shopping lol. My brother and my dad -.- So we just walked for awhile and went to my cousin's house after that hehe.

Make some ugly face with bro in da car loll haha
 Ate at kopitiam before left to Gurney Paragon, Penang.
Whatever what we drank in the kopitiam they also used Starbucks cups ! Haha.

Erm Gurney Paragon is not very huge lurr. However, for girls, it's a new nice place to shop in Penang ! And the design of the building is very nice tooooooo x))

 Pattern me ;P
 Dad acting emo ? HAHAHAH
 Mum and bro. It's so dark -.-
Edited. Very pattern me HAHAHAHA

Ate ice cream as dessert after that ;P The ice creams so so nia lah not very special ;0 And it's a very small scoop only I think it not worth for the amount paid ;0



After walking for awhile, we went to our cousin house and stayed overnight there x)) That's all ;) Click my nuffnang before close thanks you so muchie yaaa !

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