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Thursday, 6 June 2013 @ 21:38
Selfca Mood ON

OMG Holidays gonna end soon !! I didn't enjoy enough lah sob sob TT Can't believe I spent my mid year holidays without going to KL ;0 Awwww feeling weird haha. Because I used to spend my times at Kuala Lumpur during every holiday in the past.

 Pointless ;/
 Hey !
Dad and bro .
Taken by my dad's handphone ;0 I looked black TT

My brother went back to KL yesterday. He will come back soon after his exam. I mean, really soon. He will be back next week ! Haha. Back to the topic, as my brother had to go back to KL, so we had to send him to Queensbay Mall and dropped him at AeroLine Bus Station where he took the Company Bus back to KL ;P After saying goodbye to him, my dad, mum and I decided to have our dessert at Black Ball. Yeahhhhhh

After that ? Shopping lah ! HAHAHAH Selfca Mood ON too ! ;P
Acting cool ;00

Selca. Weird smile ToT

Did I look tall ? Okay nope . TT

Kept seflca at fitting room HAHAHAHA. I like my yesterday's hair look lah hehe.  Back home around 8pm ;D That's all. Click my Nuffnang before signing off my blog thanks you so muchiee x)) Stay Tune .

New bag ! ;D