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Monday, 8 July 2013 @ 22:15
Long time din't blog about food already ! Went to queensbay at 30/6/2013 to send my brother back to KL through Aeroline. Consider and consider, finally decided to take our lunch at 小娘惹. First try ! Not bad lah still need to queue uppppppp ;/

The shop !
 My pattern many many bro
 Ordering food ;D
 My Dad and I ;0

Food came -- 

My tam jiak dad lol.
 I like this so muchhhhhh !
 Delicious !!

Desert -- 

Bananananannananananana split hahahaha

Ahahahahhaha so cute right ?! XD

Not bad lah but I didn't like the prawns -.- You could have a try if u haven't tried it. That's all. Just a short update. Click my nuffnang before close, thanks you ! Goodbye and stay tune ;D